Baltimore Associates

This consulting firm with over 40 years of experience specializes in all organizational aspects of biological/biomedical research within higher educational, research, and biotechnological institutions. It deals with the establishment of new research institutions and start-up of biotechnology firms, offering novel research and educational structures, as well as options available to support such activities. It can review, monitor, and help restructure existing institutions. Advice on policy issues related to science and technology is a special strength. Advice on sensitive, difficult, or controversial problems is offered on a timely basis.

The founding permanent members of Baltimore Associates are David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang. Ad hoc working groups made up of widely diverse associates, both from the USA and internationally, with a variety of expertise are set up and customized to the client's needs and requirements.

Current interests relate to venture capital investments in biotechnology and the building of science & technology institutions in the US and Asia.

For further information contact:

Alice S. Huang, Ph.D.
California Institute of Technology
Mail Code 156-29
Pasadena, CA 91125
626 395 3446